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Hütte HBR 605 is used for construction of micro piles (up to 12 m), construction of drilled piles (up to 15 m), construction of boreholes (up to 100 m), construction of heating pump vertical collectors. High yield – up to 80-100 m per day (i.e., a borehole of up to 100 m may be made in 1-2 days). Thanks to the constructive sizes, easy transportable, comfortably accesses limited places, for example, densely construed territories, basement floors, the foundations, etc.

Micro pile installing equipment „Morath” – ensures micro pile construction in special restricted space, for example, basement floors where the height of ceiling does not exceed 2.5 m, in narrow spaces, etc. Micro pile construction capacity is up to 40-50 m per day.