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Nowadays thermal pumps are not anything new. Besides the traditional heating systems for building, in which the gas is used, oil products, wood or electricity, more and more popularity is gained by the Geothermal pumping systems, which have showed themselves as safe, effective and environment friendly. 

We offer full heat pumping installation cycle:

  • calculations of the necessary heating capacity; 
  • preparation of cost estimate;
  • construction of external line (both for the vertical collector, as well as horizontal and the water collector); 
  • construction and/or connection of internal line; 
  • consulting;
  • warranty and post-warranty service.

The application of thermal pumps may be very wide:

  • installation of autonomous heating in individual family houses; 
  • in public buildings, in which in the summer period air conditioning devices are used, but in winter period – for heating;
  • in industrial zones, in which the thermal pumps may be used for gaining of heat from repeated utilization of warmed up waters in the production process.


  • Economical. Low energy consumption. 1 kW of consumed energy gives 3-7 kW of thermal energy. The system is sustainable and will serve for 25-50 years without requiring special attention.
  • Flexibility. One module can ensure control of the heating system, warming up of water and cooling.
  • Comfort. The thermal pumping system is working autonomically, temperature and humidity fluctuations in the premises are not felt. No noise. The multizonal climate control can be used in the premises.
  • Design. The system is compact and is well adapting to interior of premises.
  • Ecology. Ecologically clean method because in the heating process only the renewable heat taken from the bowels of the earth is used. Does not make noise, no emissions.
  • Safety. No gas emissions, open flame, slag or soot.
  • Effectiveness. Above 4 times more effective than the traditional heating systems.


The major types of geothermal pumping systems:

From water

From land - horizontal

From land - vertical

Each of these systems has their advantages and shortcomings.

We offer the „vertical” system, its major advantage is an option to receive warmth of land from a limited area of land, which is a particular thing if the house is built on a small land parcel.