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Bgs Ltd. in its operation implements technology geotube – dewatering of liquid suspension (pulp, sludge, silt) in geotubes. after the process of dewatering, the geotube is represented as solid body convenient for transportation, storage and dumping at dewatering area. geotubes can also be filled with hazardous liquid wastes.


SIA BGS carries out the use of geosynthetic materials construction projects since the year 2003. The use of Geosynthetic materials is very wide. They are used both as strengthening elements for slopes, as well making of road foundations, dumpster recultivation projects, also as underwater barriers for decreasing of sand drifts.

In the reconstruction of Riga HES drainage channel, under the chip pile, the material used was HaTe non-weaved geological textile. Its main function is to ensure water filtration simultaneously not permitting washing out of the small fraction of foundation.

In Daugavgrīva port from Stabilenka material, mud curtains were produced and placed. The main task of the curtains is not to permit that the mud arising as a result of land suction dredge gets outside the port acquatorium.


In the construction of the provision jetty for the Riga Dienvidu Bridge, the basic elements were used to be 3m and 6 m diameter geosynthetic pipes made of RintracStabilenka materials. In order to protect Ringtrac pipes from mechanical damages, which might be caused by ice blocks, they were covered by Incomat concrete carpet. material, which were filled with sand. The sand embankment was strengthened by  


Geonet Fortac 80/30-20 had been successfully used in construction of a retaining wall of the Southern bridge (Dienvidu tilts) in Riga. 

Geosynthetic material Stabilenka had been used in order to consolidate the soils of Daugava river bank during construction of the Southern bridge (Dienvidu tilts) in Riga.



Geosynthetic material Rintrac had been used in reconstruction of breakwaters at Mērsrags harbour and Kuiviži harbour.