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Use of micro pales is very wide – they are used for strengthening of retaining walls, anchoring of foundations plates, strengthening of the foundations, strengthening of constructive supports, strengthening of wharf constructive elements, etc.

Advantages of TITAN injection piles:

  • installation of piles does not cause environment dangerous processes, for example, harmful vibrations or ground layer displacement;
  • solid items being in the ground, for example, stone or concrete articles, do not cause serious damage because they may be pierced by special drill caps; 
  • when injecting liquid cement grout in the drill, there is a concrete basis created around the steel bar, which ensures considerable load capacity, as well as protects steel from corrosion;
  • connection of steel bars and extension by flanges is fast and simple. The bars have a continuous thread, therefore for the purposes of getting a certain length, they may be cut in any place;
  • construction of micro piles is fast because both the drilling  and filling of cement grout in the drill happens simultaneously;
  • it is simple to check the status of the drilled bar (respectively, whether the bar has been drilled straight) because the middle of the bar is hollow. 

These advantages ensure effective use of TITAN products in most different spheres – anchoring in both rocky, and sand ground, stabilization of ground in natural or artificially made slopes, establishment of pile foundation in the foundations of newly built buildings, as well as strengthening of the existing foundations, road and tunnel construction, etc.