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The basis of each new building is its foundations. Further life of the building depends on the status how qualitatively and skillfully they have been built. The construction of foundation is made harder by different circumstances – vicinity of the neighboring houses, high level of ground waters, restricted construction site, etc. Correct and effective solution of these problems permits to save the costs of construction works and decrease the terms of works.

We offer to perform construction of the foundations of any complexity residential buildings or production objects. In the construction of foundations, we use a corrugated pile support wall, which in case of necessary is anchored. Often the works are performed also in special tight conditions and in direct vicinity of neighboring buildings.

For renovation or repairs of both the foundations, as well as also other concrete structures, an effective solution is Carbotech Minova (Germany) produced one- and two-component polyurethane resin.

The areas of application of these materials are most difference:

  • strengthening and consolidation of unstable, loose soils;
  • avoiding of water leakage;
  • repairs of cracks, including micro cracks;
  • filling of cavities with PU foam;
  • hydro-isolation of constructive elements;
  • strengthening of foundations, etc.;


For preservation of the historical Koknese castle ruins, it was necessary to construct a concrete protective dam, which would considerably protect the basis of castle ruins from the harmful influence of the water. A similar protective dam in the year 2004 was constructed also in Liepāja for preservation of a cultural and historical building.

For this building, the basic floor was considerably expanded and performed the strengthening of foundations. When performing construction works of the basement, the body of the building was strengthened by means of lifting equipment and after completion of the foundation construction „placed” back in place.