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The multifunctional amphibian type suction cutter dredge-excavator KRABIS is unique for works in internal watercourses if the cleaning of shore zone should be performed from seaweeds, bed deepening is up to 5 m of depth, ground material (sand, mud) pumping is up to 1.5 km distance, ground excavation by a bucket, driving of steel piles and wooden piles for strengthening of embankment, cleaning of sediments and water reservoirs, etc.

KRABIS is transportable by a standard car trailer along public use roads without special permits or watercourses, thus ensuring access to any work zone. The KRABIS may be launched in the water and lifted up without any additional equipment.

Depending on the composition of ground, work technologies and environmental conditions, WM KRABIS may work on average of 200 m3 of ground material in a shift (by working with a bucket) or 30-50 m3 per hour (by pumping).