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The technical and technological aspects of work:

  • BEAVER is excellent for performance of dredging works in internal acquatorium down to 10 m of depth (standard equipment) and even down to 12 m of depth by using dredger extenders.
  • Depending on the pumping distance and the type of ground, BEAVER ensures the yield of sand pumping from 100 500 m3/per hour of ready material.
  • The pumping distance is up to 5 km, without use of additional booster pump.
  • GPS system permits to perform deepening works with high preciseness and ensures precise calculations of extracted volumes of material.

Ecological aspects:

  • economical fuel consumption;
  • amount of emissions does not exceed the requirements set in the EU regulations;
  • the cutter ensures pumping of practically all loosened material in the pipe, as a result of which higher sand yield is achieved and the water muddiness is decreased.

Beaver 1200 producers have developed, improved and continue to develop the construction of equipment in order to decrease fuel consumption and increase work efficiency. But our task is to be able to use these technical and economic parameters by finding effective technological solutions.

In order to ensure full dredging and shore work cycle, SIA BGS has the necessary technical resources for performance of auxiliary works – auxiliary fleet (towboats, cutters, pontoons, hydro-manipulators), rifling pipeline, pipe welding devices, shore equipment, shore equipment.