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Dredging projects is that area of operations, in which humans with their activities materially impact the environment. This impact cannot be undoubtedly considered as negative, as often is directed to elimination of consequences of previously permitted errors or improvement of surrounding environment, however a strict and careful control and analysis of environment impacting aspects is necessary. 

For successful enforcement of the project, it is significant not only to perform the works included in the agreement in timely manner and for reasonable price. It is as significant to observe the instructions of environment controlling institutions. However, it is still more significant to find solutions ourselves how to decrease the adverse impact on the surrounding environment by mutually cooperating with environmental specialists, perform monitoring of the process and analyze own activities.

We offer complex solutions – starting from development of the project’s technological solutions and the stage of agreement even up to performance of works and assessment of environmental impact and analysis of environmental aspects.

In cooperation with the Riga Free Port management and the small Latvian ports, we regularly perform bed deepening and drifts liquidation works works in port acquatoriums, as well as sand extraction works and creation of new territories.


  • In our disposal, there are the latest generation Dutch produced Beaver 1200 and Beaver 5400 series suction cutter dredges, which ensures deepening of bed even up to 14 m depth, shore equipment and auxiliary equipment for works in the water.
  • For deepening works in direct vicinity of the wharf, along the shore, as well as in hardly accessible places, we offer to use an excavator with long reach boom (18 m) or an excavator placed on a pontoon.
  • We perform deepening works mainly by our own force, but, if necessary, for performance of certain stages of work, we also attract subcontractors.