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One of the most essential types of operations since the foundation of the company is construction and reconstruction of hydro-technical construction elements (ship wharfs, jetties, construction of retaining walls, underwater technical works). We can conform with price that in this area we are one of the leading companies in the Latvian market, the company’s name is well-known and recognized both to the customers, as well as our cooperation partners. Using the equipment and personnel resources being in our disposal, we can ensure full cycle of construction works. 

For performance of underwater technical works, we attract highly qualified divers. We are fully able to provide such works as underwater welding and cutting, lifting out of sunk objects, surveying of aquatorium bed, underwater filming, etc. 

The projects realized in recent years: RKR-5 body repairs (2004), RD-2 wharf reconstruction (2004), RKR-7 wharf reconstruction (2004-05), Pāvilosta’s yacht wharf construction (2004-05), JM-23 wharf reconstruction (year 2005), Mērsrags’ port Ziemeļu jetty reconstruction (year 2005),

Recultivation of the landfills in Rezekne town (2006) and Demene village (2006), dredging of Daugava river at Krievu sala (2006), breakwater reconstruction and berth construction at Kuiviži harbour (2007), reconstruction of Daugava river waterway at Krievu sala (2007), cleaning of Mara pond in Riga, 1st stage (2007), cleaning of the Northern part of Jugla lake at Brīvības street sluice-gate (2007), reconstruction of fishing boats wharf at SkultePiejūra region of Latvia (2008), cleaning of Mara pond in Riga, 2nd stage (2008), reconstruction of 110 kV electricity cable line laid under Daugava river (2008), reconstruction of bridge in Karosta, Liepaja (2008), maintenance of RK harbour (2007), reconstruction of landfills in R-8 berth (2008), shoreline strengthening at Dravnieki village (2009), dredging of  Daugava river at Kundziņsala (2009), reconstruction of DG-56 berth in the port of Riga (2009), renovation of the protective dam and cleaning a river bottom at Jelgava sugar plant (2009) etc.

At least of the same significance are the hydro-technical construction works outside the port territory. The River Daugava HES cascade, little HES (water reservoirs, protective dams construction/reconstruction/rehabilitation), construction of wind generators’ basements. 

Thanks to the wide range of equipment, we can offer different technical solutions for optimization of works and increase of effectiveness.