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Financial ratios

At the moment of foundation in the year 1992, the company’s sole and main capital was the professional experience and knowledge of its founders. Due to the fact that the company was born and grew together with restoration of the independent Latvian State, also economic crises and stagnations were fully influencing the company’s operations. We can speak about growth of SIA BGS starting from the year 1999 when turnover of works reached 1 million lats. The next years evidence both about the economic growth of the country, especially in the area of construction, as well as the company’s stability, strong business positions and good recognizability. The scope of works considerably grows and the range of customers expands. In the year 2004, the financial turnover reached 2.3 million LVL, but in 2005 the scope of works doubled by reaching 5 million. LVL.

Financial recourses are purposefully invested in improvement of technical basis by paying special attention to purchase of modern, environment-saving equipment.