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Already from old times the people have seen and used those advantages, which are provided by natural watercourses – ocean, sea, river or spring. These watercourses have served as a significant source of living, as trade roads, also for protection against conquerors of other lands, but a human has over the time adapted them to his needs by building ports, creating fortifications, deepening bottom and changing the natural flow of water. The nature does not leave such human intervention without consequences, therefore there is a constant fight between the nature and humans for safekeeping, restoration and improvement of their created values. Humans set more and more new targets, desires and demands become higher, and our task is the realization of these targets without stepping over the fragile margin where adverse processes of the nature become irrevocable.

SIA BGS provides services in the areas of hydrotechnical construction and general construction by setting the main priorities being economic and ecological aspects. For their enforcement, we use the latest generation equipment, we apply up-to-date technologies and environment-friendly materials, work processes are carried out by knowledgeable and highly qualified specialists.