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BGS is a distributor of flocculants PrimaFlock® (PF) in the Baltic States, Europe and CIS countries. Flocculant PrimaFlock® (PF) is high-performance polymer on the basis of polyacrylamide, used for sludge dewatering and water treatment in various industries.

PrimaFlock® (PF) – is a seria of polymer floc?ulants aimed to profound dewatering of different mineral, organomineral and organic suspensions to achieve soil of plastisity and lowplastisity consistence.

Each PrimaFlock® (PF) floc?ulant is oriented on content specific of definite sludge and sewage sludge, including heterogenetic sediments of water treatment. Brand PrimaFlock® contains specific marks aimed to dewatering of marine and fresh water silt sediments, sapropel, as well as mixed suspensions obtained in the process of water bodies’ reclamation. Brand PrimaFlock® is produced by blending of polymer flocculants supplied by leading EU and USA manufacturers.

Consumption of blending flocculants PrimaFlock® (PF) gives the Client advantages and dividends as follows:

1) Flocculant PF is selected for concrete production facility taking into account all key technical, economical and ecological factors;

2) Technical characteristics of blending flocculants PF are better than one-component flocculants supplied not taking into account production facility specific and sludge, silt, sediments content;

3) For extremely chemically complicated suspensions with unstable seasoning indicators BGS Ltd. develops a specific mark of PF with individual composition and in required with special technology of flocculation;

4) In consequence of correct blending of polymer flocculants of different charging density and molecular weight, almost all of PF flocculants are more cost efficient in comparison to one-component flocculants developed for dewatering rather limited number of typical suspensions; Flocculants PrimaFlock® are supplied in form of granulated powder in 3 standart-size packages: - Plastic bags of 25kg on pallet up to 750kg - Big Bag of 500kg on pallet; - Big Bag of 750kg on pallet We can supply the product in Big Bag of individual size, voluame and weight on request.